Description :

At Energia Cables, we build custom wire harnesses for the most demanding and challenging environments and specifications.

Our dedicated team of experts can examine the entire production run and the complete life cycle of any custom wire harness to utilize materials and production methods that highly extend the life of your equipment and significantly decrease production costs. Our company,s focus is to develop a dependable, cost-effective and performance oriented custom wire harness that perfectly satisfy your needs.

Customized :

Our custom braiding equipment creates wire harnesses that are highly abrasion-resistant, and increases the tensile strength or flexibility of a wire harness, allowing for high numbers of bend cycles and decreasing the possibility of downtime.

We can incorporate custom colors in a wire harness, minimizing training time and speeding up installation and maintenance. We can also embed a logo or text into overmolds on the harness, extending your brand or providing helpful direction for users.We use dozens of specialized materials to combat environmental hazards or prevent corrosion.We automate manufacturing whenever possible, including stripping, crimping, labeling and tie-wrapping, to decrease manufacturing time and increase quality control.


Each part of the manufacturing process is logged in our high-end ERP system, allowing us to create repeat builds that maintain exactly the same quality as the first.Each step and every operator is monitored, and testing is performed at several places within the manufacturing process. Every finished piece is also tested according to your customized specifications.


We produce wire harnesses using technique and sources as per the cost structures best suit your needs. Your requirements determine the best way for us to work.

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