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Equipment is only as dependable as the components used to control it. Whether you’re drilling for oil in Arctic seas or assembling a skyscraper in searing summer heat, the electronic cable assemblies used to power and direct your equipment and operations must be designed to withstand whatever they encounter. You need a custom cable assembly manufacturer with experience; someone that understands your products, demands and requirements.

Oil and Gas We design and build custom cable assemblies and umbilical cables that withstand the rigors of mining and drilling, and the corrosive effects of water, oil and temperature extremes.At the consumer end of the oil and gas industry, we develop gas pump custom potted cable assemblies that endure years of 24/7 use.

Gaming Custom cable assemblies for casinos network dozens of machines in precise configurations, and must function perfectly all day, every day. We develop cable assemblies that are as secure as they are dependable.

Wind and Solar New energy technologies are shuffling power to and from the grid in ever-changing ways, and our custom cable assemblies and battery cables can withstand it all;from the heat and current demands of solar arrays to the wear and tear of daily household use.

Construction We provide crane custom electrical cables, pneumatic and hydraulic custom cables and lift station custom cable assemblies that minimize equipment downtime and make training, installation and maintenance easier. We also design and manufacture dependable custom HVAC pump and fan control cable assemblies to keep buildings in operation and maintenance costs low.

Industrial Agricultural, food processing and material handling equipment relies on rugged cable assemblies that keep operations running.By designing cable assemblies that improve access and make maintenance easier, industrial applications can increase ROI and improve production times.

Medical Cable assemblies used in medical equipment must provide mission-critical power, control and data transfer. Our team can design and build medical cable assemblies that keep equipment functioning wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Government and Military Military specifications require high-quality custom cable assemblies that function in a wide variety of environments.We are able to build these products in facilities that are ITAR-certified and have government CAGE codes.

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